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(Direction, Clinic Records and Experience)

Pugang Pharmaceutic Co., Ltd., Pyongyang

This manual is based on the comprehensive analyses of:

  • our clinical practice and research,
  • the clinical records presented by hundreds of hospitals, medical teams and research institutes in 28 countries including DPR Korea, and *
  • the opinions of millions of people,
All of whom have used Royal Blood-Fresh over the last 22 years since August, 1989.
  1. National and International Accreditation and Appraisal
Royal Blood-Fresh (RBF) has been registered and approved as follows:
  • 03762-95
  • 03762-2001
  • 0-3762-2002
  • 23313 owned by Jon Sung Hun, Ri Sun Chol and Ri Un Gyong
  • 43704 owned by Jon Sung Hun
  • 31408 owned by Pugang Pharmaceutic Co., Ltd.
Health Supplement “Royal Blood-Fresh” (RBF) is registered in 13 countries including: DPR Korea, Syria, New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia and Japan, and many countries including the following are encouraging its import: China, Russia, Britain, Germany, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Egypt, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Over the last tens of years, RBF has participated at some 30 national and international exhibitions, where it has won many gold medals and prizes. Mass media of DPR Korea and many other news agencies, TVs, news papers, periodicals and publications over the world have given publicity to this product. In all the websites world-wide, the number of pages mentioning RBF totals over 3 million. Today, we see a trend of using RBF, and the demands for RBF are ever growing in many countries.
  1. Action and Effects
Imbalance between the autonomous functions of thrombus dissolving and blood coagulation may lead to formation of thrombus in the cerebral blood vessels causing reduction of blood flow, which would transform the cerebral nerve cells resulting in various malfunctions of the body. This is a disease called cerebral thrombosis. The causes of cerebral thrombosis are:
  • First:             transformation of blood vein walls caused by their damages and arteriosclerosis
  • Second:       blood thickening and rise of blood coagulation
  • Third:           speed of blood flow slowing down owing to hypertension and hypotension
By the way, such phenomena are caused by excessive fat in blood and improper function of anti-oxidation. The excessive fat (lipid) in blood turns to lipid peroxide to penetrate into the vein walls, erupts out therefrom into the blood damaging the walls, then amalgamates with fibrin, thus forming thrombus. Meanwhile, inasmuch as the blood is thickened, its coagulation rate risen and the anti-fibrin capacity malfunctioning, much fibrin would emerge to form thrombus. Therefore, the most ideal way is to use a non-adversive medicinal complex that swiftly dissolves fibrin, removes lipid, reasonably decoagulates, satisfactorily anti-oxidizes, and balances the autonomous actions of fibrin-dissolving and coagulating. But, we could not find such a non-adversive multi-functional medicine or health food. In reality, widely used are mono-functional chemical medicines such as thrombus dissolvers, decoagulants, lipid reducers, platelet inhibitors, vasodilators, etc., all of which entail severe adversities e.g. hemorrhage, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, liver disorder, etc. After a long research and hard work, we could detect a thrombus dissolving substance from Chonggokjang (fermented local soybean), a traditional soybean cuisine: and by cultivating and activating the detected substance and by combining it with multi-functional soybean extracts and vitamins, we could finally manufacture health supplement “Royal Blood-Fresh”, a multi-functional enzyme complex. In the wide-range clinical practices over the last 22 years, Royal Blood-Fresh has shown the following properties:
  • With reference to other thrombus dissolvers, as they are likely to cause hemorrhage, pre-use blood test and constant surveillance by a doctor are compulsory, but RBF never caused any adverse effects including hemorrhage even in cases of over-dose, and in cases of completely healthy persons its action did not exceed their normal physiological states. Therefore, it has been edible as an effective health food by both sexes of all ages not only against thrombosis, but also for cures of headache, syndromes of aging and for better intelligence, etc.
  • Although RBF is only a health food, it instantly dissolved thrombus at the same strength as the chemical medicines, thereby speedily curing various paralyses, numb limbs, disorders of moving and speech, etc. The effects of RBF were tens of times stronger even than musk. The fact that RBF so much swiftly dissolves thrombus without adversities has attracted admirations by the millions of users and expert organs in many countries. They contributed to newspapers and internets their writings on the merits of RBF.
  • By dissolving the lipid (fat) in blood and vessel walls, RBF successfully cured hyperlipidemia (excessive fat in blood), a cause of many diseases.
  • By reasonably lowering the blood coagulating function and improving T-PA (tissue plasminogen activator), RBF
balanced the autonomous functions of thrombus dissolving and blood coagulating, thereby preventing hemorrhage and disease recurrence. The fact that RBF is devoid of vitamin К (a blood coagulator) in its composition and improves blood vessel walls rather than damaging them helped prevent adverse effects.
  • RBF has shown a very strong anti-oxidating function. During human metabolism, active oxygen and other radical substances emerge, which degrade cells and intestines, expediting the aging and cause various diseases. Human body removes them by anti-oxidation.
During dissolution of thrombus, such radicals erupt to emerge in huge quantity. Therefore, thrombus dissolvers should be furnished with strong anti-oxidating function. Quick recurrence of thrombosis after cure is often caused by inadequate anti-oxidation. RBF contains a lot of strong anti-oxidants including superoxide dismutase (SOD) extracted from soybeans. The RBF’s strong anti-oxidating power capacitated RBF to cure not only thrombosis, but also many other diseases and made the users cleverer and look younger. When the human body is affected by radioactivity, too, the said radicals erupt to emerge in enormous quantity. Therefore, the expert organs are calling for wide use of anti-oxidants to prevent radioactive damages.
  • Owing to its multi-functional mechanism, RBF successfully cured not only cerebral thrombosis, but also deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of air travelers, heart diseases, headache, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, radioactive damages, intelligence worsening, intoxication by toxicants and other syndromes.

A brochure issued by a German institute is quoted as follows:

“ARoyal Blood-Fresh of Korea, a health additive originated from soya beans, has the bellow ingredients:
  • thrombus dissolving nattokinase
  • saponin and lecithin that may reduce cholesterol and neutral fat
  • vitamin B1 that improve s actions of nerve and bowels
  • potassium that may reduce blood pressure
  • natural vitamins of E, PP and В12 that hinder lipid peroxides and stabilize the cell membranes
  • anthocyanins that fight active oxygen
  • isoflavon, a strong anti-oxidant
  • colamine with beauty effects
Therefore, the health additive may help prevent and heal thrombosis, headache, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart diseases, grey hair and loss of hair density.’’
  1. Direction
You may start with an appropriate dose and daily frequency; gradually enlarge them until you reach a satisfactory cure, whereupon you start to decrease them back until you return to the initial dose and daily frequency. From then on you may take it whenever you feel like doing so. But as long as RBF is a health food, it is far better to adopt an appropriate dosage depending on your response in disregard of the said direction.
  • Acute cases
On the first day, you take 5-6 capsules each time, 3 times a day (before or after or between meals, i.e. at your convenience). From the following day, you increase the each time dose by 1 capsule daily and the daily frequency of intake by 1 time in each 2 days until you reach 9 capsules each time, 5 times a day, which dosage shall be continued until satisfactory cure, whereupon you start to decrease the dosage until you return to the initial dosage i.e. 5-6 capsules each time, 3 times a day. At this stage, you may either suspend the intake or depending on your condition, you may take it whenever you want to at an appropriate dosage. But, it has been proved better to adopt an appropriate dosage depending on your response, while considering the above methodology. For the first 4 days, you take 3-5 capsules each time, 3 times a day. From the fifth day, depending on your response, you may take whenever you want to within the range of 3-8 capsules each time, 2-5 times a day.
  • Healthy persons
For the first 5 days, you may take 2 capsules each time, 2-3 times a day. From the sixth day, you take 3 capsules each time, 3 times a day until your target is hit. In case you feel like continuing, you may take whenever you want to. But you should not exceed 8 capsules each time, 5 times a day.
  • Preventive purpose
You may take 2 capsules each time, 2 times a day whenever you feel like doing so.  
  1. Clinic records
Precursory (pre-outbreak) syndromes of cerebral thrombosis and hemorrhage The captioned syndromes are exemplified by disorders of esthesia (feeling), movement and speech; numb limbs and body; prior-feelings of paralysis; headache; muscle spasm; worsening of memory, intelligence and eye-sight, etc. RBF has been used against the said syndromes as per “Chronic cases” or “Acute cases” of “3. Direction” above depending on seriousness of the disease with the result that all of the users have experienced instant effects recording 95 % of full recovery without adverse effects. There have been many examples that the patients who had failed to respond to other medicaments were improved very much upon use of RBF.
  • Mr Baigard Anderson, General Manager, Unimex Engineering Ltd., Copenhagen, Denmark said as follows:
“I had a constant numbness, stiffness and pain at the left hand and arm. Therefore, I was keeping it bandaged all the time. I consulted all the famous doctors and visited all the expensive hospitals, but all in vain. Under recommendation of a British doctor, I was acknowledged with Royal Blood-Fresh at a website. I went all the way to Pyongyang, where I could buy health supplement Royal Blood-Fresh at the 9th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair held in May, 2006. Upon dose of this health food, a real miracle took place. In some 30 minutes after first intake, the terrible numbness, stiffness and pain have all disappeared without trace from my left hand and arm, which thus have been unbandaged for good. I was so much fascinated and excited that I appealed to General Manager of Pugang Pharmaceutic Co., Ltd to grant me sole agency for Scandinavia for sale of Royal Blood-Fresh. He appointed me sole sales agent for Denmark only.” Over the last 22 years, there have been a large number of similar cases.
  • Cerebral thrombosis
Cerebral thrombosis usually breaks out when the candidate person is at rest e.g. while asleep. In the first place, the patient may find it hard to move at one side of body. In 3-4 hours, paralysis, speech disorder, etc appear vividly; as time goes by, such symptoms gradually get more serious in stages; and in 1-2 days the symptoms reach their peak. In such a case, the patient should be urgently taken by ambulance to the hospital, where they diagnose the disease by tests of echo-encephalography, cerebral angiography, CT, MRI, etc. In some hospitals, in such cases, doctors prescribed RBF to the patients as per the “Acute cases” of “3. Direction” above, whereupon better results have been achieved than chemical drugs and musk. No relaps of the disease was recorded and there was no case where cerebral hemorrhage broke out before full recovery of thrombosis. Rate of complete cure was 62.5%, considerably improved 37%, and no change 0.5%.
  • Cerebral hemorrhage
Unlike cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage breaks out abruptly when the candidate person is in a mentally tense and excited condition, and the disease deteriorates so much quickly that in a few minutes or hours the patient may lose consciousness and fall critical. At the same time, the blood pressure may rise with fever (37-38°C). Once it is approximately clear that it is cerebral hemorrhage, not thrombosis, you should first call a doctor, lay down the patient on the place and keep him at complete rest lest the hemorrhage expand. The doctor on arrival shall take a first aid measure to stop the internal bleeding and lower the blood pressure before taking him to the hospital by ambulance. At this moment, RBF should not be used. Although it is a non-adversive health food, RBF, being a thrombus dissolver, you should refrain from its use when the hemorrhage is in acute progress. But, after the hemorrhage is stopped, RBF has been used together with the activators of brain metabolism and reducers of brain edema. Active use of RBF afterwards to activate the nerves and micro-circulation brought about very good results. Aftermaths of cerebral thrombosis and hemorrhage RBF has achieved high clinical records as compared to other medicaments in curing the captioned illnesses symptomized by semi-paralysis (hemiplegia); disorders of esthesia (feeling), nerve, speech and eye-sight; intelligence worsening, face twist, trembling, etc. If used within 24 hours after acute stage, wonderful results were achieved; within one month, very good results; and after 6 months, too, good results were achieved. Rate of complete recovery was 85%, considerable cure 15% and there has been no case of no change or nothing better.
  • Deep vein thrombosis of air travelers (DVT)
Human body always tends to move. If you remain in a motionless seated position for several hours, your blood circulation may fall disordered causing stiffness, cramp, heart problems, hypertension, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), etc., and thereby you may lose your health or fall critical. This, being a reason of feeble guarantee of the health and lives of long air travelers, became a world-wide concern. An European lady aged 45 died of DVT when she was walking at the Heathrow Airport, London after landing from 12 hour air traveling, a wide broadcast whereof made the concern more serious. To prevent and cure DVT. thrombus dissolvers or blood purifiers should be used. But as most of them may cause hemorrhage, they would not solve the problem. In the mean time, an institute in Britain declared that health supplement Royal Blood-Fresh of Korea may become a solution of DVT because they found it as the only non-bleed causing blood purifier applicable at any time by all ages and both sexes. This made many air travelers use RBF. thereby soothing to some extent the seriousness of the DVT problem. The March 12. 2006 issue of the ’’ Financial Times’’. a British newspaper, carried news as follows: "Pugang Pharma is now exporting its best selling product - a blood purifier derived from soya beans called ‘‘Royal Blood-Fresh’’ that is said safer than those produced in Japan. It is being marketed abroad and at home as an effective prevention against deep-vein thrombosis.’’ When traveling for some hours in a motionless seated position by air, train or car, after taking 2-5 capsules of RBF in one time, nobody has suffered from DVT. Further, during long travels, if some DVT symptoms occur among those that had not taken RBF in advance, 3-6 capsules thereof in one time were enough to instantly remove those symptoms. Therefore, the guide girls serving RBF to the passengers in aeroplanes say, "While traveling by air, chewing gums and sweets are at your option, but ‘Royal Blood-Fresh' is compulsory to keep you alive and healthy.” A RBF alleviated or stopped the symptoms of nausea if taken before or during travels by air, ship and car, and among constant users of RBF no such symptoms appeared.
  • Headache
Headache is included in the symptoms of almost all diseases such as neurasthenia, hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis, hepatitis, epidemics, diabetes, cold and flu, ophthalmic diseases, etc. Sometimes, without particular disease, you may have a headache from mental fatigue or stress only. The ache of head in its turn varies in a wide range: pressing and stinging pains, tension and migraine headache, etc. The human nerve is composed of nerve cells, which are fed by nutrition from blood capillaries. Therefore, very small disorder of blood circulation causes nerve disorders including headache. RBF swiftly purified blood, thereby optimizing blood flow, resulting in normalization of nerve system with the result that the headache, too, disappeared. The RBF's function of blood purifying and optimizing the blood flow has been faster and adequate as compared to other medicaments. Therefore, RBF could achieve an unbelievable clinical record that it removed various headaches faster and for good beyond comparison with the headache pills.
  • Heart disease
RBF has achieved a very high clinical record in curing various heart diseases such as ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris, cardiac infarction, arteriosclerotic cardio-sclerosis, etc. There have been many cases where the patient had been prescribed to undergo a heart operation, but got fully cured of the disease upon use of RBF without operation
  • Hyperlipidemia (Excessive fat in blood)
Hyperlipidemia is characterized by 220 mg/dl min of in-blood cholesterol and 250 mg/dl min of in-blood neutral fat. According to the clinical record, after use for 90 days of some lipid reducers such as simvastatin, lovastatin and atorvastatin, the in-blood cholesterol and neutral fat were lowered by 15-20% by simvastatin and lovastatin, and by 40% by atorvastatin, but there were some adverse effects such as disorders of liver and stomach, diarrhea, myalgia and hypo-sexuality. In the mean time, after use for 90 days of RBF, the cholesterol and neutral fat were lowered by 18-22% without any adverse effects. Moreover, the users of RBF appeared younger and vitalized. Recently, some academic entities said that the mortality by cancer and cerebral apoplexy was high among those of low cholesterol, and the animals of high cholesterol tended to live long. They insisted that therefore, cholesterol should be lowered gradually during very long time and should not be over-lowered. For this purpose, they called for use of herbal health foods.
  • Arteriosclerosis (ATS)
An ATS curing medicament should be capacitated of lowering lipid, reducing the arterio inner and middle layer complex (endarterium and elastics complex), softening the hardened blood vessel walls, reducing calcarea, hindering thrombus, anti-oxidating, etc. RBF has performed the above functions comparatively well, thereby contributing to recoveries of ATS. The syndromes of ATS such as numbness, lack of strength and lack of feeling at the arms; headache, vertigo, memory worsening, speech disorder, etc. have been reduced or removed. Among the users 22.7% were fully cured and 73% considerably improved.
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Hypertension is characterized by the blood pressure higher than 140mmHg/90mmHg and the disorders coming therefrom. The blood pressure lowering function of RBF has been slower and weaker than the widely known tablets against hypertension. But, RBF vividly removed or alleviated its syndromes such as headache, stiffness at the neck back, nausea, insomnia, etc. Among the long users of RBF, the rate of outbreak of hypertension was very low. Once hypertension broke out, you should not try to tolerate its syndromes, but actively manage to lower the blood pressure. Otherwise, you may fall ill of such complications as cerebral hemorrhage, thrombosis, heart

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